**Currently offering evening and weekend appointments for the convenience of professionals as well as children/adolescents in school**

  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety

If you are questioning the decisions you have made in life, feeling regret about the past, feeling stuck or uncertain about where you are headed professionally or in your personal relationships, I can help.I am highly empathic and caring, but also bring breadth and depth of training and experience to our therapeutic collaboration. I am passionate and curious about getting to know you and helping you find substantive approaches and solutions to the various challenges that you encounter.

I completed my BA at Stanford University with concentration in philosophy and critical theory, Master’s in religious studies at Harvard University, and a Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University, an advanced psychotherapy fellowship (Psychiatric and Psychological Specialties) with intensive training in multiple theoretical methods/modalities.

I am uniquely trained in multiple theoretical modalities based on my intensive fellowship/training: cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems therapy. I am trained to customize combinations to uniquely suit the person sitting across from me. I have been highly successful in achieving consistent, positive outcomes in my clients.

A little bit more information about me

I love adventures of all kinds: exploring new ideas, experiences, and places. I am an avid traveler who has inhabited many parts of the world and immersed myself for extended periods of time in various cultures such as Berlin, Germany; Kolkata, India; and Geneva, Switzerland.

I enjoy sports of all kinds: I am an avid fan of baseball and basketball and was a competitive fencer; I also enjoy sky diving.

I love the arts and enjoy discovering ways of incorporating tradition with innovation. For example, I appreciate balancing traditional with more contemporary d├ęcor; fusion cooking that blends traditional recipes with new interpretation.

In general, I believe in the value of learning from tradition but being able to innovate based off of that foundation: I attempt to apply this to many areas of my personal and professional life. For example, I love traditional music (Celtic, Indian) that have been reinterpreted by modern artists. I also love independent films that pay tribute to the classics.

I am looking forward to getting to know and work with the Quicken family.