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  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sports Performance

I see therapy as a collaborative partnership between client and therapist. My goal is to help individuals connect to themselves on a deeper level in order to reach their highest potential. I aim to assist in the development of new coping mechanisms and skills that will ultimately allow individuals to find a sense of healing, peace, and equilibrium within their environments.  This may involve helping clients recognize and alter maladaptive thought patterns, or assisting them in identifying links between their past experiences and current behaviors in order to make lasting change.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and English from Kalamazoo College, and hold a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, where I specialized in Interpersonal Practice/Mental Health. My clinical experience includes work with our nation’s military veterans diagnosed with a variety of mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. 

I view each client as unique and work with clients to develop treatment plans that are tailored to their goals. I draw from an array of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, among others. 

I believe in establishing a warm, supportive relationship with clients.

A little bit more information about me

I am an avid soccer player and Michigan sports fan (Go Blue!!). I enjoy spending my time playing sports and being active.