People are born with unlimited potential; the possibility of achievement and happiness is unlimited. Unfortunately, many of us find our potential hindered due to life circumstances and painful events, we inherently learn to bury deep within. Our superhuman abilities to bury the painful parts of our stories impact how we react to events on a daily basis. Our buried demons can poke and prod at our emotions, causing feelings of depression, anxiety, and constant fear seemingly to arise for no apparent reason. Sometimes we feel fractured, living through different parts of selves to survive our lives. As humans, we have the power to reorganize our stories into something less painful, but it can seem like an impossible task to go at it alone. I believe together we can work to restore your sense of internal balance and harmony.

I received my clinical, psychodynamic MSW as part of a joint social work and anthropology PhD program from Wayne State University. I received an intense and detailed oriented training with a brilliant psychoanalyst and MSW. It was instilled that you are the most important part of therapy, no matter what challenges you are facing, you deserve unconditional regard, warmth, and empathy. These are ideals I carry throughout my life and more importantly into my practice of therapy. I am a huge proponent of learning, including learning from mistakes as part of personal growth.

Therapy is an important aspect to self-discovery, understanding, and healing. By granting me your trust, I am committed to creating a space where you can be safe and heard in a confidential environment. Your trust is the first step in creating a therapeutic relationship, where you can investigate the roots of the challenges you face. The relationship built on trust will help you to reach for the unlimited potential I know you possess.

A little bit more about me

As much as I enjoy working with people, I also have an adventurous side, that has led me to many experiences. Having owned my own tea and herb shop in Ypsilanti, MI called, “A Pocketful O’Tea,” led me to moonlight as an “herbal alchemist.” I use herbs to fulfill my deep passion for working with traditional herbal healing. I have also been lucky enough to travel abroad, learning about cultures and old knowledge. My last trip to the land of Eire allowed me to interview storytellers about their experiences with the healing and positive effects of stories. Also, fun fact, the only pair of shoes I currently own were baptized in a stone circle bog, I stepped off a field stone, and BAM, magic Irish shoes!