Free seminars in December/January: Helping parents help kids

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Wellness Psychotherapy, an outpatient emotional health clinic, is offering free seminars for parents with the goal of answering common questions about mental and emotional health. Dr. Anton Babushkin and Wellness Psychotherapy staff will provide practical information on emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety, and coping skills. The seminars will also cover common topics such as how to help kids … Read More

Laura Shoshi knows how to stop bullying

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In this blog post, therapist Laura Shoshi describes specific strategies for helping children. Laura zeroes in on common challenges faced by parents – bullying, risky behavior, and children’s need for love and understanding. Watch the video below to learn more!  

Independent Thinking-Important in Today’s Climate

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In today’s complicated political and social climate, it is increasingly important to be able to think for yourself and make good decisions. This skill set is in development from the beginning of one’s life, and can be helped along by thoughtful adults, such as a therapist. In the following two videos, Dr. Anton Babushkin discusses how psychotherapy can help teenagers … Read More

Cate gives an in-depth look at how she helps kids

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In this brief article, staff therapist Cate Desjardins, MSW describes her thoughtful work with children. Check out these brand new videos! Then call us or email us with your questions. What kind of things have you always wondered about therapy but were afraid to ask?!  

Making decisions – are you born with it or a learned skill?

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    This Wall Street Journal article offers a new perspective on the emotionally-charged topic of whether or not parents should allow their kids to quit extracurricular activities. Based on interviews with parents and child mental health experts, the author advocates for a flexible approach. Rather than forcing children to stay with activities they dislike, or the opposite, providing little … Read More

Helping School-Aged children

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In this video, Wellness Psychotherapy therapists Cate Desjardins and Anton Babushkin answer common questions parents have about their school-aged child being in therapy. Cate describes how she helps children ages five and older, focusing on how she includes parents in their child’s treatment and manages confidentiality in her work with children. Additionally, Cate and Anton discuss a comment they often hear … Read More

Relationships – get better at them!

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Relationships are challenging. In this article from the New York Times, one person looks back on how his relationship to himself and to others changed over the course of his work in therapy. He began treatment when he was 19 years old and continued to see that therapist for the next 45 years. Although such long lasting therapies are unusual, the … Read More

9 Satisfying Stress Reduction Strategies

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I was just browsing the news feed on Google when I came across this article on stress reduction.  Since most illness is related to stress in one form or another, it is always a good idea to maximize stress reduction techniques in your personal life. If you or a loved one are struggling with undue stress and would like … Read More