As a highly trained and thoughtful therapist, I have a strong interest in helping you. Many people experience suffering and feel stuck in their efforts to get better. If you would like to find relief from your difficulties, I can help you. My approach is focused on compassionately working with you to reduce symptoms and achieve more emotional freedom and happiness.

I have successfully helped many clients develop inner strengths and resources that allow them to live richer, freer, and more rewarding lives. My advanced clinical training enables me to offer a therapeutic approach that is individually tailored to each person’s unique concerns.

I teach at Wayne State University School of Social Work and consult/present at various area businesses and organizations. My specialized training through the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute allows me to help people from various backgrounds (students, academic/business professionals, people in the medical field, etc).

A little bit more about me

I like going on adventures and finding inspiration in the interesting world around us. Whether traveling, listening to music, or meeting new people, one of my favorite activities is doing something new or unexpected. I like facing new challenges and also taking a moment to relax and enjoy where I am and where I have been.